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Консультации по таможенному оформлению

Consultations on customs matters

If you need to get advice on some of the customs problem, for example, when it is necessary to determine the HS code, understand what documents required for customs clearance, to know the general procedure of customs clearance, etc. Our experts can provide you with counseling, as soon term (1 day). This service is available as participants of foreign trade activities (importers and exporters), and individuals who wish to clarify any issue under the current customs legislation.

The main range of issues:

  • Comprehensive advice (product orders, contractual basis, currency regulations, transportation, customs clearance)
  • HS Code Definition
  • Calculation of the amount of customs duties, taxes, customs fees, etc.
  • The list of documents that must be submitted to the customs
  • Questions of customs value (pre-classification of goods)
  • Customs offenses (actions excited customs affairs, the confiscation, etc.)
  • Your rights and responsibilities when interacting with Customs
  • Information for individuals (tourists on assignment, etc.)
  • Other matters

The cost of our counseling services depends on the complexity and scope of the issue and determined individually by our specialist after reviewing your completed form.